Lift the Stage Lamp Beside the Golden Door: Dismantling Racial and Cultural Barriers Through Theater
Research Project

Inquiry project for the 2016-2017 Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program. I'll be spending six months in residence at the University of Glasgow and conducting research at London's national youth theatres. The purpose of the project is to observe how national and local youth theatres in the UK enable diverse companies of young artists to build productive communities, share divergent perspectives, and craft a new national identity for the 21st century. The project will result in an online toolkit that explores how teachers can integrate techniques learned from the UK's national youth theatres into their classrooms.

National Theatre for Student Artists (NTSA)
Executive Director

Founded in 2012, the National Theatre for Student Artists (NTSA) has produced three off-Broadway world premiere productions written, directed, designed, performed, and produced by high school and college students from across the United States. Each season, we recruit an extraordinary talented team of students from diverse geographical, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds to form a national company that represents the future of the American theater.

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